Please click for pre-prints when not OA. 

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        Activity Modeling

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phosphorylation and impair memory

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11    Significantly Improved HIV Inhibitor Efficacy Prediction Employing Proteochemometric Models Generated From Antivirogram  

       PLoS Computational Biology (2013) 
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      A2A Receptor

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8    Which Compound to Select in Lead Optimization? Prospectively Validated Proteochemometric Models Guide Preclinical         

Pre-print version available on this site, please see Publishers site above.   
        PLoS ONE (2011) 6 (11), e27518  
        Gerard J. P. van Westen, Jörg K. Wegner, Peggy Geluykens, Leen Kwanten, Inge Vereycken, Anik Peeters,
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DOI: 10.1007/s11302-011-9251-x
        Miriam C. Peeters, Qilan Li,Gerard J. P. van Westen, Adriaan P. IJzerman

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2, 16-30
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3     ChemogenomicsApproaches for Receptor Deorphanization and Extensions of the Chemogenomics Concept to Phenotypic Space
        Pre-print version available on this site, please see Publishers site above.  
        Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry (2011) 11 (15), 1964-1977, 
PMID: 21470175

        Eelke van der Horst, Julio E. Peironcely, Gerard J. P. van Westen, Olaf O. van den Hoven, Warren R. J. D. Galloway, David R. Spring, Joerg K. Wegner,
        Herman W. T. van Vlijmen, Ad P. IJzerman, John P. Overington and Andreas Bender

2    Mining protein dynamics from sets of crystal structures using "consensus structures"
        Pre-print version available on this site, please see Publishers site above.
Protein Science (2010) 19 (4), 742-752, PMID: 20120021
        Gerard J. P. van Westen, Jörg K. Wegner, Andreas Bender, Adriaan P. IJzerman, Herman W. T. van Vlijmen

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Adriaan P. Ijzerman, Michael Emmerich, Jeremy L. Jenkins, Andreas Bender
Gerard van Westen,
Aug 16, 2012, 1:11 PM
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May 27, 2016, 6:48 AM
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