March 21st 2017

Leiden University

Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR)

Medicinal Chemistry, Einsteinweg 55

2333 CC, Leiden, Telephone: +31 6 19010 038


Keywords: computational chemist, modeling, polypharmacology, big data  

scientific presenting, scientific writing, linux administration

Scientific and personal interests

·       Predictive polypharmacology, cheminformatics, bioinformatics, text mining, interdisciplinary research, big data, high performance / GPU computing, visualization

·       Computer geek (likes tinkering with hardware and networks), ZFS, open fire cooking, likes driving / road tripping

Skill set

·       Statistical modeling, big data analysis, visualization & dimensionality reduction, workflow tools, scripting in several languages, structure based modeling, SQL, high performance computing

Scientific Publications

·       36 Articles in peer-reviewed international journals (h-index 18, average impact factor 8, average citations per paper 28), multiple talks and poster presentations at scientific meetings (see


Current Positions

·       Assistant Professor (Tenure Track, Drug & Target Discovery Cluster)                       10/2016 Present

o   Computational Chemical Biology

·       Founder of Getuyg Data Analytics                                                                                           07/2015 – Present

o   Data science and storage consultancy

Previous Positions

·       Senior Postdoc Medicinal Chemistry (LACDR)                                                                   05/2015 09/2016

o   Fellowship at Science Faculty (LACDR & LIACS)

·       Senior Postdoc ChEMBL group                                                                                                11/2013 05/2015

o   EMBL Interdisciplinary POstDoc (EIPOD) fellowship             

·       Guest Scientist Leiden University (LACDR)                                                                         09/2014 05/2015

·       Guest Scientist University of Cambridge                                                                              08/2014 08/2014

·       Guest Lecturer University of Strathclyde (Glasgow)                                                        12/2013 12/2014

·       Postdoctoral fellow ChEMBL group                                                                                       05/2012 11/2013

o   EMBL Interdisciplinary POstDoc (EIPOD) fellowship


Grants and Awards



Year of award

IWT Research Grant (co-lead)

Supports 2 year postdoc



Industry Collaboration (Unilever)




NWO Veni Personal Grant

Reviewed 3 times A+



Marie Curie (COFUND) / EMBL Interdisciplinary POstDoc (EIPOD)

30 / 400 applications granted



Personal Ph.D. grant sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceutica

Based on results from internship



Best presentation EBI Postdoc day

All postdocs presented



‘Discoverer of the year 2013’

Best PhD thesis Science faculty



Best presentation in the Pharmacochemistry session (FIGON Days)



Best presentation TIPharma GPCR Forum



Bronze prize, national Ph.D. student competition (FIGON Days)



Silver Prize KNCV Pharmacochemistry



1st prize LACDR Ph.D. student competition



Consultancy work

·       CULGI (chemical modeling company, Leiden, Netherlands)

·       Stage Pharma (biotech startup, Utrecht, Netherlands)

o   Generation of polypharmacological predictive models (aminergic GPCRs)

·       Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceuticals (Beerse, Belgium)

o   Predictive polypharmacological models in discovery



·       Ph.D. in Proteochemometrics (polypharmacology modeling)                                        11/2007 01/2013

Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

o   Predictive computational models using ligand and protein similarity simultaneously (Proteochemometrics, Ph.D. position was funded by Janssen Pharmaceutica (Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals)


·       M.Sc. Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences                                                                                         09/2001 09/2007 

Leiden University (Leiden, The Netherlands) with the following research projects:

o   Characterizing the inhibition of P-Selectin by GA-GWVDV (36 weeks, molecular biology; department of Bio-Pharmaceutics of the LACDR)


o   Characterizing HIV-1 Reverse Transcriptase Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor Resistance (24 weeks, chem-informatics, department of Chem-informatics and Modeling of Tibotec / Janssen Pharmaceutica Belgium)


Supervision and Teaching

·       Chem and Bioinformatics in Computational biomedical and drug research.

·       Portfolio assignment in Design and Synthesis.

·       Cheminformatics in Minor Modern Drug Discovery.

·       Designed practical course Computational Drug Design, 10-day course on the fundamentals of computational drug design (given twice to 20 students).

·       Supervision of 2 Postdocs, 2 PhD Student, > 10 M.Sc. students, and > 10 B.Sc. students


Reviewing Activities

·       Ad hoc referee for the following peer reviewed journals: ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters. Bioinformatics, Journal of Structural Biology, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling, Journal of Cheminformatics, Molecular Informatics, Nature Methods

·       2015 EIPOD interviews (external expert)


Management & organization

       Served 1 year as postdoc representative at EBI. Duties included liaising between postdocs and EBI or EMBL faculty, feedback with regard to the training program, organizing symposia and lunch-meetings, inviting external speakers. 

       Member of organizing committee for EMBL postdoc retreat. Bi-annual 3 day event, 2 days scientific program and 1 afternoon of social program. Attended by approximately 80 international postdocs from EMBL outstations in Heidelberg, Grenoble, Hamburg, Hinxton, and Monterotondo. Additionally, the committee hosted a number of external speakers from academia, industry, and academic publishing. 

       Founder of Camball annual classic rally (2012 – Present)

       Crew at checkpoint Amsterdam for Gumball 3000 rally (2010 – 2015)

       Served a year on the Science Club committee, in charge of the faculty café that provides a venue for symposia, discussion, and hosting of weekly science faculty drinks on Thursday 

       Served a year as president of L.P.S.V. ,,Aesculapius” , student association [1]

[1]Was a member of various committees including: Dies Natalis Committee, Freshmen Weekend Committee, Yearbook Committee and Internet Committee during membership of the L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius”

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