During my undergraduate training in BioPharmaceutical Sciences I discovered my interest in computational drug design. I did a 9 months internship at the department of Biopharmaceutics which involved mainly 'wet' lab work. The project focused on the characterization of the inhibition of P-selectin by peptide like small molecule. The final thesis is available upon request. The project was a continuation of an exploratory 10 weeks research project (also available upon request). Although we achieved some interesting results and managed to identify the binding location, I found that 'wet' work was not something I enjoyed.

The second internship during my MSc was a computational drug design project at Janssen Pharmaceutica (formerly Tibotec). I completed several projects, both proteochemometrics and crystal structure analysis. I thoroughly enjoyed this type of research and decided to start a PhD project in this field. The thesis will be uploaded here soon.